Developers Want To Self Learn, Participate In Competitive Coding: TechGig Survey

Developers Want To Self Learn, Participate In Competitive Coding: TechGig Survey

Technology community TechGig which boasts of over 3.2 million registered users has revealed key insights in the world of the developing community.

As per the TechGig Developer Survey 2019, automation comes as one of the biggest concerns of most developers (58%) who opine that such technologies would eventually displace them from their jobs.

Another important question which was addressed via this survey included the need for developers in consistently upskilling themselves amid the rapid evolution of technology. The survey revealed that an overwhelming majority of developers (75%) want to self-learn and competitive coding platforms like TechGig are a preferred choice for them to accomplish this objective.

“Developers are the bedrock of the ongoing IT revolution in the world and with the largest developer ecosystem in India, we feel thrilled to be leading the biggest tech community in the country. For me, one of the key takeaways from this survey is the fact that developers realise the importance of upskilling and are using platforms like TechGig to hone their technical skills”, said Sanjay Goyal, VP at Times Internet Ltd and Head of Product & Technology, TimesJobs and TechGig.

Java topped the list of programming languages with the highest paycheque potential followed by Python, C# and JavaScript.

About 46 per cent survey respondents agreed that Python can help coders quickly rise the success ladder as compared to other programming languages.

‘’TechGig Developer Survey 2019 also questioned the respondents to pick the most disruptive technology of 2019. Big Data was voted as the top choice, closely followed by Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain, both tied at the number two position on the list of most disruptive technologies of 2019,’’ said the release.