76 Percent of Indian Businesses Witnessed Cyber Attacks

76 Percent of Indian Businesses Witnessed Cyber Attacks

Endpoint security provider Sophos has claimed that  76 per cent of businesses in India witnessed cyber intrusions in the year 2018. India followed Mexico and France in this regard.

Sophos in its global survey by the name 7 Uncomfortable Truths of Endpoint Security claimed 18 per cent of threats in India were present on mobile devices, twice than the global average. About 7.9 per cent were discovered on endpoints while  39 per cent threats were discovered on the organisation’s servers and 34.5 per cent on its networks.

“Server security stakes are at an all-time high with servers being used to store financial, employee, proprietary, and other sensitive data. Today, IT managers need to focus on protecting business-critical servers to stop cybercriminals from getting on to the network. They can’t ignore endpoints because most cyber attacks start there, yet a higher than expected amount of IT managers still can’t identify how threats are getting into the system and when.” says Sunil Sharma, MD, sales, Sophos India & SAARC.

‘’Fourteen per cent of IT managers who were victim to one or more cyber attacks last year can’t pinpoint how the attackers gained entry, and 17% don’t know how long the threat was in the environment before it was detected, according to the survey, emphasising the need to have better endpoint detection and response capabilities. On average, Indian organizations that investigate one or more potential security incidents each month spend 48 days a year (four days a month) investigating them,’’ as per the survey.