BHIM Simplified

BHIM Simplified

The Indian Government has been tossing a lot our way. New policies, terms, rules, regulations – and amidst this chaos they have managed to balance their unpredictability with new ways of offering help- one of it being BHIM or Bharat Interface for Money. Since people are already overloaded with information, India Technology News has worked on simplifying BHIM with quick and memorable bullet points.

BHIM or Bharat Interface for Money, is a mobile application developed by National Payment Corporation of India (NPCI) and is backed by the Government of India. During the app’s launch on December 30th, 2016, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that BHIM will become the world’s biggest wonder in times to come.


  • It promotes a cashless economy
  • It facilitates e-payments
  • A one stop solution
  • Is an option, not a compulsion
  • It supports Aadhar based payments
  • It directly links your bank account
  • One does not have to remember their account number
  • It is only 2 MB in size
  • BHIM is the current Top App in India


  • Only for Android Phones
  • Makes you chose one specific bank as your preferred partner
  • Specified limits – The specified limit of transfer is- up to Rs 10,000 can be sent per transaction and up to Rs 20,000 in any 24 hours.
  • A list 30 plus Bank Names support this app
  • Can access only one account per mobile
  • Large number of complaints from the initial users regarding the app being tedious, confusing and not being free of charge
  • Since the launch of BHIM, over 40 fake apps have been created