IT Champs enhances processes and compliance for Rangsons Schuster Technologies with SAP solution

IT Champs enhances processes and compliance for Rangsons Schuster Technologies with SAP solution

SAP partner IT Champs, implemented successful go-live with SAP solution for Rangsons Schuster Technologies Pvt. Ltd, a leading manufacturer of Aviation Tubes & Hoses in India. RST specializes in design and manufacturing of aviation hoses and tubes. Supporting customer’s right from the design, modeling and prototyping stage to production and shipment, the company’s offerings are Offset Complaint, as per the norms of Indian Ministry of Defense (MoD).

Rangsons Schuster Technologies (RST) faced multiple issues from production planning to quality due to the lack of suitable enterprise solution. Prior to the SAP implementation the stage-wise confirmation of production orders were absent. There was a lack of capacity planning functionality; multiple forms were used to track material requirements and safety stock maintenance. The accounting of scrap generated during production was not maintained appropriately. Sales and operations planning was another area where procurement, logistics and manual subcontracting process were a challenge during delivery.

Mr. Rajesh Kutnikar, CEO IT Champs said, “SAP ERP solution implemented by us covered all modules of Materials Management, Sales and Distribution, Production Planning, Quality Management, Capacity Planning, Financial accounting and controlling all statutory compliance and reporting. The implementation improved supply chain management from production planning to sales process, information flow across processes and reporting enabled better decision making, and complete regulatory/statutory compliance/ISO certificates was applied for quality management”.

Mr. R. Guru, Chairman, Rangsons Schuster Technologies Private Limited stated, “We had engaged the services of IT Champs for HR module initially for our group Company. After checking their competence and professionalism we were convinced that we offered them to implement all the modules of SAP.As a group RST is an early adapter of technology to bring in innovation and best practices. The flagship company implemented SAP ERP solution to automate all processes. RST with these relatively new ventures would always like to go with the best to utilize their knowledge and learning”.