Digital India takes a leap towards Modern Infrastructure

Digital India takes a leap towards Modern Infrastructure

For a few months now people have been anticipating the ribbon cutting ceremony for the Nagpur Metro project and for transportation to finally commence on its set route. Although Nagpur Metro Rail is under construction, it is making remarkable progress since the 5D BIM technology provided by High bar has gone live. This project has gotten everyone curious for its technology. What was different about the Nagpur Metro Project? In a first of its kind, it was the SAP ERP (Enterprise Resource planning) integrated 5D BIM technology which was used as a digital project management platform. ‘Maha Metro,’ a joint venture between governments of India and Maharashtra is a pioneer in usage of 5D BIM technology to accelerate the project’s timelines and efficiency.

Revamping the Indian railways

For a country which has had rail services for over 160 years, we lag behind when it comes to incorporating the best and the latest technology. Highbar along with their other technology partners has facilitated this project and helped improve project efficiency. This development does not stop at revamping the railways solely. They can be extended to the whole of India and the hundreds of infrastructure projects that are expected to change India’s fate in the coming years. Infrastructure technology is the new, modern and efficient way to go.

First Time in India

Technology up gradations has hardly been a priority especially when it comes to Indian railways. But this is by far the most innovative use of technology made in order ensure India gets its fair share of top quality projects with trust worthy infrastructure. They should also have the ability to match the world standards. Global investors are pouring into India with lots of initiatives being undertaken by our honorable Prime Minister Narendra Modi. A current example is that of the bullet train being built by Japan using latest Japanese technology between Mumbai to Ahmadabad. 5D BIM is a technology that is at par excellence with such world class projects.

More about 5D BIM Technology – Five Dimensional Building Information Modeling 

To put it simply, 5D BIM is a highly evolved tool to visualize and model a project to track the progress and construction activities of the project. Highbar is setting up an Owner’s Support Office (OSO) which will function as an extended arm of NMRCL’s management team including the Managing Directors office. This is helping NMRCL in the successful & timely implementation of Metro project using the 5D BIM Digital platform. This platform would be designed and managed by Owner’s Support Office (OSO) team comprising of specialized professionals with expertise in Metro Domain.