Facebook May Replicate US Election War Room In India

Facebook May Replicate US Election War Room In India

Social media platform, Facebook plans to roll out its operations centre in the capital city of Delhi which will keep an eye on content related to upcoming elections in India.

The team deployed at war room will keep a check on fake news being spread on the social media platform.

‘’The war room will be in close collaboration with the company’s headquarters at California, Menlo Park as well as with other offices in Singapore and Dublin to keep an eye on content 24*7,’’ said Shivnath Thukral, director, public policy, India and South Asia, Facebook

‘’The centre will be modelled around the US centre that was launched ahead of the US midterm elections and will comprise of several cross-functional teams that will look into various aspects of the platform such as content, policy and legal. Some of these teams will work closely with the Election Commission,’’ added Thukral.

The chief election commissioner, Sunil Arora said yesterday that social media platforms like Facebook, Google, Twitter, WhatsApp, and ShareChat have promised to accept only pre-certified political advertisements and share details on political advertising spends on their platforms with the election commission.

The platform has also unveiled its political ad library which envelopes all Indian political ads along with audience demographics as well as details related to for the past seven years.