Google Banned 2.3 Billion Ads, Removed 1Mn Accounts In 2018

Google Banned 2.3 Billion Ads, Removed 1Mn Accounts In 2018

Tech giant Google has banned 2.3 billion misleading advertisements which breached its advertising policies in the year 2018. The company disclosed the figure in its bad advertisement report this year.

This concludes into banning six million advertisements on a daily basis. Bad advertisements come as phishing scams. The company also scrutinised and deleted about one million advertiser accounts, which is double the figure of accounts deleted in 2017.

About 734,000 app developers and publishers were deleted from Google ad network and were completely removed from 1.5 million applications.

“At Google, we take our responsibility to help create a healthy and sustainable advertising ecosystem that works for everyone, seriously. Our ads are meant to connect users with relevant businesses, products and services; but bad ads ruin the experience. We, at Google, have been working towards protecting the users, advertisers and publishers by investing significant technological resources,” said Scott Spencer, Director of Sustainable Ads, Google, in a statement.

“This will continue to remain our top priority as bad ads pose a threat to users, Google’s partners, and the sustainability of the open web itself,” added Spencer.

Google has said that it has rolled out 31 new policies related to ads in the year 2018 to check domains such as third-party tech support, ticket resellers, cryptocurrency as well as services including bail bonds and rehab facilities.

The company also announced the unveiling of a new policy manager in Google Ads which will help advertisers to formulate and launch complaint ads.