IBM Expands Cloud Business Solutions With New Industry Platforms

IBM announced its plans to globally expand its business solutions capabilities with new, cloud-based Industry Platforms to simplify and accelerate clients’ digital transformation journeys. IBM’s portfolio of Cloud Industry Platforms and Solutions deliver fast, simplified access to services that allow clients to exploit the opportunities of cloud and Big Data, and make their transformations with the assurance of predictable outcomes.

As part of this initiative, IBM announced the opening of the first state-of-the-art IBM Cloud Business Innovation Center in Bangalore. It will provide an opportunity for clients around the world to work side-by-side with IBM solution consultants, researchers, digital marketing and experience design experts to personalize the Industry Platforms to their specific needs.

Each Industry Platform offers clients access to a set of standard assets that can be quickly tailored to deliver a differentiated business solution. The first three Industry Platforms include:

a) Retail Consumer Experience – A Consumer Engagement Platform that empowers retailers to quickly deploy increasingly sophisticated engagement capabilities driven by contextual, relevant, multi-channel, end-to-end personalization that deliver a ‘passion-driven’ consumer experience.

b) Personalized Learning – A platform that delivers data-driven personalized learning to empower educators to help students reach their full potential and for corporations to address fast-moving learning needs within their organizations.

c) Insights for a Connected World – A Insight platform designed for the industries reshaped by the Internet of Things. The platform turns vast volumes of data from multiple sources into insights that can be sold to ecosystem partners or used to inform new business models, improve customer service and business operations.

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