Obama Leaves a Technology Legacy Too

Obama Leaves a Technology Legacy Too

A report from MIT suggests that the 8 year term of Obama undertook a technological journey as well. In his last speech, President Barack Obama acknowledged the fact that the world had come a long way in past 8 years. The mentions of the achievements did not leave technology far behind.

Obama has been responsible for taking very important technological initiatives. As per the MIT report, He succeeded in some important ways, such as supporting net neutrality and joining global action on climate change.” Here is an assessment of five particular signature technology topics: upgrading government use of technology, net neutrality, stimulus spending on technology, electronic medical records, and advanced manufacturing.

America is one of those countries where the government takes internet very seriously and as a way of connecting to the masses. Right from health care to reforms to government achievements, everything is put on the net and the response rate is high as well. Modi is on a very similar path. Compared to the previous days, India has become more digitized than ever before. We are all looking forward to government also getting on the net and easing daily cumbersome processes which are now out dated.

As the 44th President of United States of America, bids adieu to the powerful and responsible position that he has been in, he left the country teary eyed and in the hands of none other than – Trump!  Donald Trump!