Pioneering Women in Technology

Pioneering Women in Technology

The most powerful woman in technology has been Sheryl Sandberg, COO of Facebook, for five consecutive years in a row. In this technological age we constantly hear men coming up with innovations, start –ups, technological developments and as holders of key positions in companies. But, it’s time for them to share their limelight with the women of the tech sector as the numbers have started to surge. And with this increase, they have also started making place for themselves in the list of world’s billionaires. These women are representing the presence of a strong female voice in the world.

It is always assumed that if it is a woman in business, it will have to do something either with clothing or with make-up. As time reveals, women have been involved in more hardcore tech issues and not just trivial or superficial ones.

A Female Tech Start-Up


Front lets you collaborate on email responses with your team without cluttering up your inbox with a confusing set of back-and-forth responses. Front also lets you work under a group email address to collaborate on composing emails. Mathilde Collin had already raised $1.5 million of its $2.5 million funding round from a group of anonymous Silicon Valley investors. Front is led by her as CEO.


Whitney Wolfe, 27 years old and the founder of Bumble is a fierce competitor of Tinder. Bumble is changing the app based dating experience where women are required to make the first move. This in itself is a modern and progressive thought process integrated with a technological base.

An Indian Start-Up with a Female Founder


Upasana Taku, along with Bipin Preet Singh, founded the semi-closed mobile wallet and online payment platform MobiKwik in 2009. But this is not her only venture. She also founded Zaakpay, another payment gateway.


YourStory CEO Shradha Sharma date of birth is 06 July, 1983 and has marked a different history in the history of women success stories in India. Indian female entrepreneur Shradha Sharma is not only a successful woman today but also a very well educated citizen of India. Shradha Sharma is today the Founder and Chief Editor of YourStory.