SAVIC Technologies Transforms ‘GO COLORS’ with SAP ECC 6.0 on IS-Retail

SAVIC Technologies Transforms ‘GO COLORS’ with SAP ECC 6.0 on IS-Retail

SAP Partner SAVIC Technologies, announced the successful go-live with SAP ECC 6.0 solution for Go Colors, India’s leading fashion apparel speciality retailer. The implementation provided Go Colors with all the functions necessary for modelling all business processes in a retail company.

Mr. Gautam Saraogi, Executive Director, Go Colors said, “By rolling out SAP solution and with our increased ability and efficiencies, we are able to manage and influence our customer sentiments towards our brand exceptionally. Our business processes are benchmarked on global best practices. Real-time view and customized reports enable us with improved decision-making. With module integration, accounts team have saved ample time on booking of sales invoice, purchase invoices and analysis. These have resulted for us to fully utilize the functionality of the system, reduce costs, improve processes and save time spent on each transaction.”

With the go-live implementation procurement and inventory process, sales process, materials management process, sub-contracting process, article discontinuation process, allocation process, merchandising category and assortment/listing process, scanning process and myriad other processes are streamlined. The pricing procedure was redesigned to incorporate taxation, the picking and packing process and dispatch information to vendors were automated. The solution has also provided a seamless omni-channel experience across different business processes and customer touch-points, enabling the customer to build a single item, customer and inventory view with an go colorsability to monitor and manage customer sentiment toward Go Colors brand and products.

Elaborating on how SAP helps businesses run simple, S.Senthilkumar, Managing Director, SAVIC Technologies mentioned, “Post-implementation, the time-consuming manual processes and postings in the legacy system were eradicated. We successfully restricted the article scanning with the primary barcode, as against the multiple barcode scanning done earlier. With erroneous MRP being captured, the earlier methodologies caused hindrance in rightful optimization of time and resources. “Business knowledge transfer amongst employees, resulted in making Go Colors a company of the future with robust IT infrastructure.”

With 360 degree customer insights, real-time inventory view, increased productivity along with product-wise performance metrics, Go Colors achieved greater operational efficiency for the stores/kiosks across different geographies.