Top 5 Apple Applications for Indian Users

Top 5 Apple Applications for Indian Users

Though Apple’s market and strategies hasn’t been entirely focused on India, there are a couple of applications available to Indian users that make them feel no less special. Apple Store has a variety of free and paid applications that are user friendly and enables a lot of daily activities.

  1. Minimal Call Recorder Application – Developed by an Indian Programmer, this application enables you to record your calls and conversations, a feature which apple refuses to provide in the set manual of things as such. Responsible use of such an application is completely subjective although. This application is mostly used for recording interviews and conversations where reflective data is being shared. It is a paid application and is usually trending in the top 10 chart of the Apple Store.
  1. SHAREit – Connect & Transfer – This Application lets Apple users share media files and images over Bluetooth and Wi-Fi with Android users and other iPhone users. To discourage piracy Steve Jobs had disabled the sharing of music and such media files through messengers. That somehow restricted non-copyrighted material too. The solution is provided by this app.
  1. Camscanner + | PDF Document Scanner – This Application lets users scan any document or photo instantly through their iPhones without the need of a scanner. It is very helpful in countries like India, where scanners are not easily available and the country still operates on paper documents.
  1. Flightradar24 – This application lets users track their flights location, status and timings details effectively. Dependency on any erring authorities is reduced and self-sufficiency is encouraged.
  1. Netflix – This application lets users watch TV series and movies from across the world seamlessly without buying them with just a minimal monthly fee. Netflix is turning into more of a necessity than it used to be. The large number of downloads in India is surprising since the Indian television culture is highly different from that of the Western world. It helps by getting rid of the dependency put by Apple on iTunes.